description of the activities

Basic components

Building the competences of the managers and employees of the public libraries, as well as other institutions involved in the
development of the literature in the scope of:

  • innovative methods of choosing novelties for the libraries, cataloguing and making the library resources available,
  • innovative methods of recommending the literature for the readers on the basis of their expectations and texts of the books borrowed and purchased,
  • using a network of book-machines in the areas with low availability of libraries.

The Festival is a cycle of artistic, educational and promotional events which will be organised by the project partners in Poznań and in municipal, sub-regional centers of the wielkopolskie and warmińsko-mazurskie province. The guide topic of the Festival will be to build thorough and active relations of readers with creators from Poland, Ukraine (e.g. Oleh Poliakov) and Norway (e.g. Jo Nesbo, Roy Jacobsen), translators, editors, illustrators, literary critics, bloggers. During the Festival, the innovative methods of managing the literary resources will be presented, of recommending literature and involving the reader in the literary life with the use of artificial intelligence. In the project the realization of a number of activities were foreseen addressed directly to the employees of libraries and indirectly to the readers as well as creators and literary critics. The educational activities and testing in practice of innovative tools were planned for making the books available in the places distant from the libraries (a network of book-machines) and tools based on the artificial intelligence technology which will serve for building the knowledge necessary in the modern library: how to manage the library catalogues, recommend the literature for the readers so as to increase the number of borrowed books, manage the information on literature and literary critics. For these purposes, the innovative IT tools will be used developed by start-up Literacka Sp. z o.o.

Relevance of the project to the objectives of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021

The goals of the project are fully consistent with the MF EOG 2014-2020 purposes (Program „ Culture” and Activity II), the main purpose being the cultural development between creators, participants of cultural life and institutions of culture as well as strengthening the bilateral relations between Poland and Donor States. In the project the organization of the Festival is foreseen, the purpose being to deepen the relations between participants of literary life and dissemination of knowledge on modern Polish and Norwegian literature. In the project many activities were planned directed at increasing competences of employees of libraries which is consistent with the assumed effects of A. II defined as reinforcing the competences of specialists in sectors of culture. The main goal of the project is the development of readership in Poland and Norway by means of using the AI in improving the process of recommending the literature, purchase of novelties and cataloguing the literature in libraries as well as by means of organization of the Festival and construction of the network of library book machines as an alternative form for borrowing the collection of books in the areas with low availability to the public library. It corresponds to the title of A. II and is transposed to the development of the public (i.e. readership) being the main horizontal aspect of the Activity. In the project the development of cultural entrepreneurship was foreseen and including the minority.

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